Polyhedra: a non-violent first-person shooter game for everybody.

A minimal alternative to traditional FPS games.

No in-app purchases or ads. Buy it once, own it forever.

Short levels for quick FPS fun anytime.

Lots of shiny cubes, dodecahedrons, and so on.

Available now for iPhone.


fonetik 01.png

Fonetik: multi-player Scrabble with no dictionary.

Nicki & I like to play phonetic Scrabble.

She mentioned it in her book Everything, Everything.

And I once made a real version of it for iPhone.



IM2: the loneliest clone in the universe.

A Sokoban-meets-Minesweeper action adventure, originally done in Shockwave a while back.

Lots of puzzles and secrets to find.

It was a fun game. I might port it to iOS sometime.