The movie version of my wife's book The Sun Is Also A Star is officially coming to theaters and I could not be more proud

I could not be more proud of wife Nicola Yoon today. When she first started work on her novel, The Sun Is Also A Star, she was nervous about making the main characters a Jamaican girl and a Korean boy. No one had done that before. But I told her, “Everyone else gets to write books with characters that look like them. Why not us?”

So she did, and it paid off, making Nicki the first black woman to hit #1 on the YA New York Times bestseller list—for the second time. (The first time was with her breakout debut, Everything, Everything.)

And look where we are now: two incredible stars, Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton , up on the big screen in leading romantic roles rarely seen in American (or world!) film.

I am insanely proud that Nicki took the leap and did the brave thing, because now we all get to experience something truly special and—yes—completely unprecedented. She inspires me. She makes sure I keep stepping up my game. She makes every single day a miracle to look forward to. Congrats, baby!