Illustrations for the novel Everything, Everything

I drew pictures for my wife Nicola Yoon's book.

They show up in the movie version, too.

We had a blast making this story. <3


Illustrations for Friendgarden, a Facebook companion site

I once made a Facebook friendship health tracker.

Friendships were visualized using flowers.

Happier flowers meant stronger friendships.


Microlawns photo blog

I was obsessed with tiny lawns for a while.

These can be found all over California, USA.

They are carefully tended, unnecessary oddities.


Narrow Streets: Los Angeles photo blog

I once obsessively narrowed LA's wide streets in Photoshop to show how cute they could be on a diet.

It was a weird hobby that took me all around the city and somehow landed me an art exhibit & a talk at a seminar.

My friends at MAS Context did a nice spread about it. So did LAist, BoingBoing, the Atlantic, Huffington Post, and others. I also sold prints of the photos.

The original blog itself has fallen into a bit of disrepair. I'll someday fix that.